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Barnabas in Galatians  New Testament  Galatians  PD   
Religion und Klassenbildung im antiken Judäa  New Testament     PD   
The Letter of Paul, Conversations in Context   New Testament  St. Paul & Theology  MN   
Rupert & Wolfgang Feneberg  New Testament     PD   
The Story of Zacchaeus & the Lukan Ethic  New Testament  Luke  PD   
Objectivist & Constructivist Music Therapy Research in Oncology & Palliative Care   Health     PD   
Matthew 19,3-12 and Celibacy. A Redactional & Form Critical Study   New Testament     PD   
Abortion - Malpractice, Infanticide, Women - Health   Social Issues  Abortion, Infanticide  NC   
Foreword  New Testament     PD   
Jesus & the Son of Man   New Testament  Jesus Christ  PD   
The Effect of Music on the Cognition of Older Adults Undergoing Hip & Knee Surgery  Health     PD   
The Son of Man Debate   New Testament  The Son of Man  PD   
The Full Name of the Procurator Felix   New Testament  Acts  PD   
The Conception - Birth of Jesus as a Christological Moment   New Testament  Jesus Christ  PD   
Rahab the Harlot in Early Christian Tradition  New Testament     PD   
The Birth of the Messiah  New Testament     PD   
E. Bammel, C.K. Barrett, W.D. Davies (editors), Donum Gentilicium. New Testament Studies in Honour of David Daube   New Testament     PD   
The Lamb of God in the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs  New Testament  Jesus Christ  PD   
Review: Hans Hübner, Das Gesetz bei Paulus. Ein Beitrag zwn Werden der paulinischen Theologie  New Testament     PD   
Responsibility for Evil in the Theodicy of IV Ezra. A Study Illustrating the Significance of Form and St 
New Testament     PD   

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